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      Multi Wellness Center Beauty Club is a new dimensional center, which creates aesthetic perfection based on the most advanced methods and technologies of the modern beauty industry.Our mission is to provide visitors with the most popular և required beauty services in one place.

      Recommended services

      Injectable cosmetology

      - Biorevitalization (rapid restoration of skin water balance, more elasticity, reduction of wrinkles)
      - Mesotherapy (rejuvenation of facial and body skin և refreshment by injection of special cocktails; scalp mesotherapy: prevention of hair loss, stimulation of hair growth, improvement of hair տես quality, reduction of fat և peeling)
      - Plasmolifting (gives a marble glow to the skin և healthy color, normalizes metabolic processes, restores resistance, protects from the harmful effects of sun, whitens freckles and pigment spots, smoothes the network of fine wrinkles, restores skin elasticity, eliminates redness or redness որը itch)
      Hair removal
      1. Laser hair removal with American CYNOSURE ELITE + state-of-the-art laser equipment
      - combination of two most common, most effective in the field - alexandrite, the safest - neodymium lasers in one device
      - effective for all hair colors, quality, structure բոլոր all phototypes of skin cover
      - practically allows you to get rid of unwanted hair after only 3 procedures
      2. Bio-epilation with beeswax (author's method of performing beeswax procedure with a special composition, even hair removal of each degree of stiffness with a length of one mm)
      3. Electro-epilation.
      Contour plastic
      - Botulinum therapy (removal of mimic wrinkles) - Contouring of the face (modeling of the volume of the lips, contouring, replenishment of the missing volumes of the face, non-surgical plasticity of the nose, change of the volume of the cheeks, elimination of aesthetic problems under the eyes) - Hand contour plastic (replenishment of missing volumes)
      Aesthetic cosmetology
      1. Skin Diagnosis ակում Development of individual programs
      - Basic care procedures for special skin type
      - Whitening, skin brightening, toning, anti-pigmentation care
      - Special care for teenagers skin
      - Perfect care for men's skin
      - Express recovery programs
      - Special rejuvenating SPA care
      - Special programs for the treatment of acne, couperosis, hyperpigmentation
      2. Peelings:
      - hardware (correction of age-related skin changes, increase of tone և elasticity, elimination of scars, skin streaks, post-scars, hyperpigmentation)
      - mechanical
      - chemical (rejuvenation of the skin by the effect of various acids, smoothing wrinkles, increasing elasticity)
      Hardware cosmetology
      - Diagnosis of facial skin with Visia device (more detailed information about the skin, prediction of age changes, selection of the most effective means for facial care, visible display of predicted results)
      - Regulation of body contour, skin elasticity, cellulite with Venus Legacy equipment - the best way to fight local fat accumulation և to reduce cellulite (reduces cellulite, contours գ tightens the buttocks, abdomen, reduces the circumference of the legs , makes them firmer and smoother, eliminates oily areas in the breast)
      - Fractional radio frequency Venus Viva smoothing / lifting (eliminates deep wrinkles, models the oval of the face, eliminates scars, skin streaks, smoothes skin relief, eliminates double chin)
      - Non-acupuncture mesotherapy Infusion
      (skin moisturizing, rejuvenation և lifting, treatment of different degrees of cellulite և body modeling, reduction of skin pimples)
      - Removal of benign skin formations.
      on/ Home care products
      With the advice of a stylist, you can choose the means to solve various hair և scalp problems (brittle hair, dryness, ends problems, hair loss, dandruff, oily scalp, etc.). There are special materials for dyed, bleached, thin, dry, unruly, thinned and other types of hair care.
      : - A wide selection of masks, shampoos, conditioners, serums that allow everyone to choose the perfect product with the perfect composition to achieve the desired result
      - Efficiency. 1-2 weeks after use the result is obvious և improves after each head wash
      - Health care. L'Oreal Professionnel care products are complexes of specially selected vitamins, lipids and other active ingredients, the effect of which is aimed at improving hair health.
      : For those who value quality և want to be perfect in every situation, L'Oreal Professionnel is the perfect choice.
      Specialized hair care մասն specialized problem solving
      L'Oreal Professionnel hair care products have been a leader in the cosmetics market for 100 years due to their high quality, efficiency and wide range. L'Oreal Professionnel includes a full range of hair and scalp care products. L'Oreal Professionnel - well-groomed, luxurious hair, a bright expression of personality և fashion
      Hair dyeing, layering, coloring, toning
      - MATRIX - American № 1 brand in the world in the field of specialized hair care products. Innovative means give professionals the maximum opportunity to discover their own potential by providing advanced solutions for hair care, coloring, texturing (Socolor, Color Sync, etc.).
      : - Professional hair dye Majirel L'Oreal Professionnel - absolute color և absolute care. Provides more stable ած saturated colors, deep hair care և maximum protection in all three areas of the body, 100% white hair dye.
      : - INOA L'Oreal Professionnel - the first stable dye without ammonium, deep, noble և shiny colors և perfectly smooth, silky hair. Infinite power of color, incredibly stable ած saturated colors, intensive hair moisturizing և nourishment, wonderful shine, 100% white hair dye.
      Beauty rituals for hair
      - Hair Treatment "INSTANT RECOVERY" Pro Fiber
      - Hair Care "INSTANT CONDENSATION" Kerastase Fusio Dose DENSIFIQUE
      - Hair Care "INTENSIVE SHINE" Kerastase Fusio Dose PIXELISTE
      - Hair Care Kerastase Chronologiste "ART RECONSTRUCTION ART"
      Manicure Pedicure
      Manicure - Simplicity of use, perfect stability, easy removal - these are the three principles of incredible popularity of CND Shellac. CND Shellac also makes natural nails stronger and more flexible. And the wide, varied palette allows you to choose a color that suits each mood and image.
      : CND Vinylux - a varnish that stays on the nails for a week without being damaged and becomes stronger with each passing day. CND Vinylux varnishes dry in 10 minutes, and the palette includes the most popular և stylish shades.
      : Beautix gel-varnish - European quality, luxurious palette, the ability to wear it without damage for 2 weeks, incredible shine, easy removal.
      : Stylish neon, subtle "material", glitter - a rich range of colors and shades allows you to choose the right option in minutes. NAIL STATION varnishes: variety of colors, incredible shine, fast drying, long wear. NAIL STATION varnishes make life as colorful as possible.
      Gehwol hardware pedicure
      For more than 150 years, the world-famous foot care cosmetics company Gehwol has been known as the world leader in the production of foot care products.
      : Thanks to the wide range of Gehwol funds, it has become possible to find individual solutions to each customer's problems. Gehwol remedies help to eliminate many medical problems, as well as provide the necessary daily care.
      : Gehwol hardware pedicure is a unique methodology method, as no water is used during it. Due to that, the possibility of spreading infections և fungal diseases is excluded. This methodology uses special emollients for the rough parts of the skin, due to which these parts are treated with more care, as well as the more comfortable processing of the ingrown nails takes place. All abrasive heads are disposable.
      : Gehwol hardware pedicure - treatment of cracks, bumps, ingrown nails, as well as prevention of fungal diseases.
      Alternative make-up technology, temporary eyebrow painting with natural henna. Innovative SPA procedure for eyebrow care և painting with tattoo effect. Great for women և girls who want to correct asymmetrical eyebrows, stimulate eyebrow hair growth, have a permanently groomed eyebrow look. Seven shades, stable "long" eyebrow dye (lasts for 4-6 weeks), due to the completely natural base, restores the structure of eyebrow hair, stimulates eyebrow hair growth. Suitable for pregnant and nursing mothers.
      Transfiguration art that will emphasize your uniqueness, if desired, will completely change your style, as well as add unique strokes to the already existing image.
      : Everyday, evening, wedding, holiday make-up, which will emphasize your strengths, correct your flaws, taking into account the individual features of your features, the symmetry of your face, your color, your fashionable make-up trends.
      : Famous Mac, Atelier, Make-up forever, Huda beauty professional make-up products contain natural, safe ingredients, have a light texture, are resistant to environmental influences, do not close the pores of the skin, allow it to breathe freely. Makeup is stable և does not cause side effects.
      : Makeup brushes must be disinfected after each client.