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  • Health and sports
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  • 3-12
    for children
    years old
  • 12 types
    children's fitness

Designed for the versatile development of children aged 3-12. 3 separate rooms for games, lessons, more than 12 types of children's fitness classes. Separate cloakroom for children, special children's menu in the adjacent cafe. There is also a special playroom where children can stay under the supervision of skilled educators while their parents train. The center conducts events aimed at the multifaceted development of children using modern methods. Special attention is paid to their healthy lifestyle. Kids Wellness group group trainings are held, which promote the child's correct posture, gait, prevention of flat feet, weight loss and development of motor skills. There is a children's pool, designed for training children over 6 months old. Along with a healthy lifestyle, we develop a healthy mindset in children. The center organizes additional courses, during which children learn foreign languages in the most unique ways և discover their abilities.

Recommended services

Health and sports
Kids Wellness- Exercises and play tasks that prevent posture deviations / strengthen the back and abdominal muscles / and flat feet.
30-45 min.
Rhythmic gymnastics - The first steps in artistic gymnastics. Exercise promotes flexibility, agility, movement culture and smoothness.
45 min.
Gymnastics - Exercises promote children's flexibility and joint mobility. During the trainings, elements of sports gymnastics are taught, which develop physical and voluntary qualities in the participants.
35-40 min.
Acrobatics During the trainings, postures are taught: postures: arms, head, turns, ropes, jumps, balances, bridge, which promotes flexibility, coordination, balance, willpower and discipline.
30-45 min.
Kids fitness - Fun games, sports games that promote agility, agility, flexibility, coordination, development.
30-45 min.
Armenian national dances - Teaching national dances. Your child will learn to dance competently and beautifully to Armenian rhythms.
45 min.
Latin dances - Dance lesson with elements of Latin American dance. The program includes: club latina / salsa, merengue, bachata / and classic latina.
45 min.
Hip-hop- Training of elements of modern dance horses, preparation of dance numbers.
45 min
Dancehall- The national dance of Jamaica, which includes elements of different types of social dances. Training of dance movements, preparation of dance numbers.
45 min.
Choreography- Elements of classical dance և game tasks that help strengthen the back muscles և develop the correct posture.
45 min.
Docando Karate - Japanese martial arts, self-defense և attack tricks. Designed for children of any type of physical fitness.
45 min.
Kick boxing for Kids- Aerobic training using elements of Eastern martial arts.
45 min.
Aqua aerobics
AQUAEROBICS - Aqua aerobics class with a variety of fun water games that will familiarize the child with the aquatic environment. Designed for children of any type of physical fitness.
30-45 min.