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Service center

    Call service specialist (telephone operator)

    MULTI WELLNESS complex hires call center staff (telephone operator). If you are active and motivated, then join our healthy team. Send your CV (biography) to our HR email, or confirm your application on this platform, or call and submit your application by visiting.

      Sales manager

      MULTI WELLNESS hires sales managers. If you are active and motivated, then join our healthy team. Send your CV (biography) to hr@mwc.am with the subject "sales specialist" or call 011 880880 and visit the complex to submit your application.

      Multi Beauty CLUB AND SPA


        Jobs if you are a BARBER... join our team. Multi Beauty Club and SPA is hiring barbers (men's hairdressers). We offer an excellent working environment and conditions. Send your CV and portfolio hr@mwc.am or call us at 011 881188. We look forward to ... Multi Beauty CLUB AND SPA

        Multi Beauty CLUB AND SPA

          Manicure & Pedicure

          Multi Beauty Club and SPA hires skilled manicurists. Giving beauty is our credo. Join our team, submit your application ության if available through the portfolio Facebook messenger, or call us at 011 881188. We have excellent working conditions and a pleasant environment.

          Swimming pool


            The Multi Wellness Complex invites on-duty pool area rescuers. The work is in shifts.

            You can apply directly by visiting our complex or you can send your application by phone to hr@mwc.am

            Restaurant / Bar


              Multi Wellness Complex hires skilled cooks.One year or more work experience is required. You can apply by sending your CV to hr@mwc.am, or you can fill out the application directly by visiting Multi Wellness Complex. Join our large and healthy team, we have excellent working conditions and a pleasant friendly environment.


                We hire waiters. Armenian/ Knowledge of Russian languages is required, knowledge of English is also desirable.

                Call 011 880880 or send applications to hr@mwc.am


                  Call or come to the complex և submit your application on the spot.

                  For job vacancy please call 096578888 for Albert.

                    We are hiring experienced bartenders. Knowledge of English and Russian is desirable.

                    Call 011 880880 or send your CV to hr@mwc.am

                    General department

                      Nurse / fitness tester

                      WE INVITE JOB MEDICAL SPECIALISTS We hire nurses who can provide medical advice, first aid և fitness testing, which is conducted through the InBody testing device. If necessary, an introductory training program will be implemented Ընդհանուր General functional state of the organism ⚡️ Body composition (percentage / amount of fat, muscle, water), presence of excess weight in the body Քանակ amount of fluid in the body ⚡️ diet ⚡️ Metabolic activity Անհրաժեշտ Indicators of required daily energy consumption և. Confirm your application on this platform or send your CV to our HR@mwc.am to the address:


                        We invite cleaners to work.

                        The work is in part time. Call (077) 60-24-64.

                        Fitness Department

                          Fitness trainer

                          Multi Wellness Complex invites fitness trainers to work.Must have at least 3 years of experience in sports or sports. If necessary, the complex will conduct training and qualification courses, after which it will sign an employment contract. You can apply by visiting our complex to fill in the application on the spot. How can you send your CVs (biography) to hr@mwc.am in the subject line with a fitness trainer?

                            Boxing trainers

                            We invite boxing trainers to work. Please send CV hr@mwc.am or call 011 880880