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  • Reataurant
  • Healthy corner
  • Bar
  • Fitness bar


  • 3 types
    of menus
  • More than 100
    kind of delicious dishes

The Restaurant, operating in the Multi Wellness Sports and Health Center, offers a special menu, full of healthy and delicious dishes and drinks, which are prepared exclusively with fresh products.The specially prepared menu consists of several parts - from healthy baby food, to dishes for athletes, visitors to the SPA center, as well as nurses.

Healthy corner

  • More than 22
    healthy diet foods

Multi-Wellness Sports and Health Center is based on promoting a healthy lifestyle. In this regard, we attach great importance to how our customers are fed.The club has a special Healty Menu, which is designed exclusively for visitors who lead a healthy lifestyle and follow their body և includes dishes prepared with special products: recipes.


  • 3 tapes of
    menu for drinks
  • More than 400
    kinds drinks
  • 26 kinds
    bouquets of tea

Multi Wellness Sports and Health Center offers its customers a wide range of drinks, including restaurant. The menu is updated according to the season, taking into account the range of products typical for the given season. In particular, in the autumn months it is supplemented with drinks containing quince, pumpkin and honey. Our author's teas deserve special attention ․ Especially in autumn-winter we emphasize tea drinking, offering teas of different flavors and bouquets, including herbs, berries, citrus, ginger, etc.


  • More than 30 kinds
    fresh and smoothies
  • More than 20 kinds
    sports supplements
  • About 10 species
    fitness food
  • About 10 species
    plant foods

One of the prides of the Multi Wellness Club is the fitness bar, which is currently the largest and most extensive fitness bar in Yerevan.We offer exclusively vitamin-rich drinks from fresh foods.The menu is divided into sections, in particular, delicious smoothies, slimming drinks, drinks containing natural protein, eco-vitamins, as well as detox, which involves cleansing the body of toxins.

    For those customers who are in a hurry to train after classes or work, without having time to eat, we offer special filling, natural energy drinks. The energy drink containing spinach, strawberries, bananas and milk is among the favorites. At the Multi Wellness Fitness Bar, customers have a choice of ready-made food supplements, as well as squeezed juices made from natural foods, fresh fruits and vegetables, which contain the necessary supplements.